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My Featured Projects.

Project - 2022

> Service Design > UX/UI Design
> Social Design

Household garbage sorting and disposal in Chinese urban communities

A service design approach to improve the system of household garbage sorting and disposal, considering the specifics of big Chinese urban communities

Project - 2019

>Product Design > UX/UI Design > Service Design

Home appliances serving future needs

In a highly consumption and work distracted daily routine, a healthy balance and sustainable lifestyle in people‘s home is much desired.

How might we avoid food waste?

How might we spend more time with family instead of cleaning?

How might we be sustainable while enjoying the newest appliances?

Project - 2019

> Service Design> Social Design

Sustainable Tourism in Lucerne

 "Traffic chaos of the tourist cars in Lucerne - what's next?

Project - 2019

> VI Design > Packaging Design

Logo and packaging design for a nutritional supplement for adolescents. The logo is inspired by the Chinese character "盾" and the mascot dragon, “盾” means protection and the dragon is a Chinese totem.

Project - 2019

> Packaging Design> Web Interface Design > WeChat Platform Design

It is a nutritional supplement developed for professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts, for which the packaging, web page and WeChat public website were designed.

Project - Smart Stamp (2017)


> Product Design > UX/UI Design > Packaging Design

It is a smart product, mainly consisting of a product and an app, whose main function is to protect the company's stamp and upload contract and stamp information in real-time.

Project - Wine warmer (2013)

> Product design 

Since ancient times, China has a tradition of drinking warm alcohol during the autumn and winter seasons, so i designed this induction wine-warming appliance with modern functions based on the ancient literati's elegant belief that "drinking in autumn is good for boats".

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Product Sketch (2010- Now)

> Product Sketch


Consistently practicing and learning product sketching. Enhancing user experiences through innovative solutions with a unique hand-sketching style.


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